painted impulses

intuitive paintings made for YOU

Tuning into you I let myself be guided to create a unique painting just made for you. My intention is to create a picture that uplifts you, opens or touches your heart, inspires you and brings you joy.

You can by just looking at it let it affect you. Use your intuition, tune into what is there for you to see. If you want you can ask a specific question, or think of a specific part of your life/body where you want your subconcious intelligence to bring forward a message for you. Listen to your inner voice, let the answers come to you. Maybe something wants to be in harmony or tuned up.
Let it happen.

Intentionally I don’t give meaning to the drawings, because it is you who receives it in the moment you look at it. It can be helpful to have specific questions, because that way your inner knowing can be more concrete with you, and the message you receive from yourself can be even clearer.



These are some examples of my paintings. As I paint individually yours can look all different. I use water colors mainly, and the colors  can differ(shades, intesity…) from the pictures taken.

Format 15×20 cm

Price: € 70,-


You can order by filling in the form below first. Read and accept the AGB, (in German only still) For shipping costs and more details please get back to me if you have difficulties understanding/translating the terms. For any further questions, or special orders (e.g. if you want a drawing for somebody else) please contact me.

Please fill in the form, you will receive a confirmation of your order, and I will start painting. After I have received your payment, I will send it to you. This may take up to 14 days, also depending on the mail service, and of course the painting process itself.

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Thank you for your order and I am looking forward to painting for you.