one on one in English

Free yourself and experience your creator being -you came here to be divine living power that you are

do you want
to gain more clarity – about parts of yourself, a topic?

to be more authentic, live and choose fullheartedly?

to connect and feel connected in a wider,

deeper sense to life, to soul, to who you truely are?

together we dive deep into your heart and you can uncover what is holding you back, what needs to be healed, seen and integrated. clear impulses, new perspectives and powerful tools will help you on the way.

my loving presence offers a space for deep connection. as a highly intuitive and cosmical tuned in being I serve as a bridge between soul and you as a person and act as catalyst for transformation and self-awareness. you experience to be seen in universal love and are inspired to stand in your power and shine your light –
I just love to enhance your growth into who you truly are.

essential elements

loving presence
all aspects of you, especially those carrying pain want to be seen, held and transformed in love

claim the power of your heartfelt desires: your inner compass towards a life that is truely yours

become aware and tune into your your essence and wisdom and expand your consciousness

lets get started.

Please fill out the form and I will get back to you to find a date. If you are located in Vienna and want to meet in person I will send you the address after registration.

one on one sessions to support your journey
in becoming who you are ment to be