1:1 English

do you want to
be more authentic and choose life fullheartedly?
align to your highest potential and raise your vibration?
free yourself from what is holding you back?
connect and feel connected in a wider, deeper sense to life, to soul,
to who you truely are?

together we dive deep into your heart and connect to your soul – your inner compass towards a life that is truely yours
and you can uncover what needs to be seen in the light of love
to be healed and how you can free yourself from what no longer serves you and clearing and aligning energetically to your original blueprint

clear impulses and cosmic alignment

Offering a space for deep connection and healing conveying cosmic galactic impulses from the highest purpose of self
you are inspired to stand in your power and shine your light

powerful tools, connecting to higher frequencies will guide you on the way – integration and grounding modalities help you to make a change in your day to day life

essential elements

loving presence
all aspects of you, especially those carrying pain want to be seen, held and transformed in love

claim the power of your heart, becoming who you truly are and shed what no longer serves you

become aware and tune into your essence and inner wisdom, the divine within you

lets get started.

€ 110,-/h

3 sessions € 300,- within 3 months
5 Sessions € 490,- within 5 months
9 sessions € 890,- within 9 months

payable in advance, instalments on demand

Please contact me at info@katharina-ossko.at and I will get back to you to find a date. If you are located in Vienna and want to meet in person I will send you the address after registration.

one on one sessions to support your journey
in becoming who you are ment to be
I look forward to connecting with YOU!