Life is change

Change is nothing you can do, still you can allow it to happen. Because it will happen anyway.

Allowing means to let go of who you think you are, who you want to be, what you keep telling about yourself and to feel safe in your story. You are so much more then who and what you think you are.

Change is always and everywhere, you can’t stop it. It hurts when you resist. Resistance is a child of fear. So is doubt.

Life is change. In other words it means you are alive.

If you want to change your professional life in order to live more fully it asks you to let go of your beliefs of deserving, earning and worth and allowing the organic natural side effects as money and success happen by doing what is in you and wants to be done effortlessly and heartfully with no other purpose then the pure enjoyment of its own fulfillment.

If you want to change the world for better, start with allowing to realize that every judgement, belief and critics about the world, every thought of what’s wrong is showing you what needs to be transformed in YOU first. Because if you fight the world you just add to it. You become part of the game.

The good news is: it’s easier then you THINK. Start with allowing and the doors will open.


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