A new world?

Have you been caught in the illusion that the „change/shift“ into a new earth/consciousness many have been longing for since such a long time – would show up in a spectacular way? Have you been waiting for a complete breakdown of the “old system” together with the emergence of a new one – how? no one could really grasp before?

Well, spectacular it is what is happening right now. Maybe a bit different then expected. I come to realize that it is exactly what it needs to shake us up to let more love in. Because it is the time to embrace what shows to be the most challenging, kind of reverse side of change that we SEE: more fear, separation, loss, power over and helplessness in the face of all this arises and is played out in many different shapes.

But what if this is IT.

We are challenged to show up. It is up to us to act in ways that those who are afraid, face loss and separation can see the difference and experience how it feels like when you act out of love. Showing the way for living a more compassionate, meaningful, united life. Because it is NOW that we need to reach out to those who voted differently, not to convince them of our choices but to care for one another. NOW its time to use our skills, it is NOW for what we have been preparing for. It is our contribution to the world around us, to shine in our fullest. NOW it is on us to proof that love is the greatest and strongest power and our faith and strength is emerging from our heart-full desire to make a change for all creation. This is how we attract more and more of what is needed for building a new world, and it is so much more compelling then any mundane promise ever made.

No one will do this for us. We will.

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